Pole Dance: ‘Diamonds’

Almost exactly a year ago I did my first pole dance solo at the GUPDC In-House Show. Watch it here:


Choreography: ‘Lucid Dream’ music video

The release of the music video to Mannick’s “Back and Forth in Time” that I produced and directed is approaching so I thought it would be a good point to share the first time I worked on one of Mannick’s music videos. I joined the film crew as a choreographer in November 2015  and ‘Lucid Dream’ was released in February 2016. The video has a short dance scene (starting at 2:30) that I choreographed for the two actors.

Contemporary Dance: End the Silence

Video from when I performed with GSDC (Glasgow Student Dance Company) during the Annual Show at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow back in February.
‘End the Silence’ is a beautiful piece of contemporary dance that addresses sexual violence.
Choreography by Eilidh Macleod

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